Did Normal Hospital Simply Kill Off Austin? We're Not Shopping for It!

On November 18, a “Normal Hospital” fan posted a video on X, previously often known as Twitter, by which Roger Howarth mentioned that he was grateful to have been a part of the Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) storyline when he performed Franco. The poster later acknowledged that it got here from a Cameo video that was made by Howarth for a good friend. The video hit the panic button for followers who interpreted it as him saying goodbye to Austin Gatlin-Holt. Followers went right into a tizzy discussing whether or not or not he was leaving the present, and naturally assumed that since he is finished it earlier than, he’ll come again once more as one other character. However we’re not going to fall for that, though it may be what the powers that be need us to consider.

Killing Austin off can be a significantly missed alternative, as his previous has but to be totally explored. His father was Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond), who was the illegitimate son of the rich Edward Quartermaine (then David Lewis), so there’s quite a lot of character historical past to be delved into. Additionally, his reference to Cyrus Renault, who paid Austin’s manner via medical faculty, nonetheless must be revealed in depth. And his nice chemistry with Maura West has us believing that he and Ava Jerome have a enjoyable relationship to discover. So, we’re not shopping for that Austin is useless in any respect.