Does Your Magnificence Blender Belong In The Freezer? Strive This Stress-free Make-up Hack

To get began, you want a clear and high-quality magnificence blender. If yours is soiled, hand-wash it with gentle cleaning soap and heat water till it is clear once more. Stains that will not go away are one of many indicators that make-up instruments are too outdated, so¬†throw your magnificence blender away instantly for those who discover this. Subsequent, run your magnificence blender below the faucet till it’s soaked earlier than squeezing to take away extra water. The goal is to get it completely soaked however not dripping moist.

Now it is time to pop your magnificence blender within the freezer for a minimum of an hour. If you take it out, it ought to be arduous to the touch and troublesome to squeeze. And that is it: Your frozen magnificence blender is able to use. Apply your liquid or cream make-up product in your face and mix with the frozen magnificence blender. The frozen floor of the blender ought to unfold out your product evenly with out absorbing any or ruining your software attributable to how arduous it’s.

One of many first issues we observed was how cool and stress-free it feels towards your pores and skin. Regular magnificence blenders, sadly, shouldn’t have this impact. Frozen magnificence blenders may additionally assist to set make-up extra successfully, leading to a clean and flawless end. The key phrase being ‘may’; not all frozen magnificence blenders dwell as much as the hype.