Meghan McCain's Nepo Child Criticism Of Hunter Biden Isn't Going Over Properly

The headline for Meghan McCain’s Daily Mail op-ed left little to the imagination in regard to how she feels about Hunter Biden: “Mr. President – when will you realize that your nepo-baby scumbag son doesn’t deserve to be an honored guest at the People’s White House?” However, a lot of people on Twitter called out Meghan for hypocrisy. One wrote, “Properly, the reality is Meghan has used her father John McCain to get each job & to make any level.” One other tweeted that “if there’s ANYONE who’s actually a strolling definition of a nepo child, it is Meghan McCain. Simply depend the variety of occasions she mentions her father. It is not less than as soon as a sentence. Meghan can go take a look at herself in a mirror for a second. What a humiliation.”

And loads of individuals have posted a clip from “The View” in 2017 the place Joe Biden consoles a teary-eyed Meghan after her father’s most cancers analysis. Biden’s son Beau and John McCain each had mind most cancers, and Joe spoke with Meghan about her father, telling her that his son Beau “talked about your dad’s braveness,” and referred to John as one in all his “finest buddies,” by way of YouTube. In gentle of her latest inflammatory feedback about Beau, a Twitter person posted the video of Joe comforting Meghan and wrote, “Good individuals present her nothing however kindness and generosity and she or he repays that with lies, slander and putrid partisan filth.”