Ron DeSantis' Pressured Smile At 2023 GOP Debate Amplifies Trump's Character Transplant Diss

One Twitter person tweeted a slowed-down closeup of Ron DeSantis seemingly forcing a lackluster smile in the course of the Republican main presidential debate, calling him “some of the awkward, stiff, and unlikeable candidates for president I’ve ever seen.” They weren’t alone in pondering DeSantis’s smile was off-putting. One other tweeted what it appeared like DeSantis should be pondering as he tried to smile after answering a query: “alright ronnie boy, you are able to do it, give ’em the ole razzle dazzle.” It is positively all a bit cringeworthy, and it appears to inadvertently play into some reality behind Donald Trump’s insult about DeSantis needing a “character transplant.”

Trump’s feedback about DeSantis’s lack of character weren’t the primary nor have they been the final. DeSantis has been famous as having a likability downside whereas on the marketing campaign path. Former Florida congressman David Jolly, a Republican, went on MSNBC and referred to DeSantis as being “a uniquely unlikeable particular person. As you get to know him, you uncover it is this odd mixture of vainness and paranoia and type of the smartest-person-in-the-room complicated.”

The “character transplant” remark is not the one insult that Trump has hurled DeSantis’s manner. Different insults embody “Meatball Ron,” “DeSaster,” and the one he appears to love greatest: “Ron DeSanctimonious.”