Slicked-Again Ponytails Look Wonderful, However They Might Trigger Main Hair Harm

Tight ponytails could cause hair follicles to grow to be so compromised from repeated pulling and tugging that they will not develop. “Many hairstyles could cause hair loss; nevertheless, the primary ones are tight ponytails and buns, tight braids, and extensions,” Senior Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Daniel Ness instructed¬†Metro. “Tight buns and ponytails can usually pull on the hair straight from the basis, inflicting the follicle to grow to be broken after which scarred. This scarring will finally halt hair manufacturing.”

Any such hair loss that’s brought on by pulling and tugging of the hair is known as traction alopecia. Apart from slicked-back ponytails, it will also be brought on by tight braids. Ness famous that donning this coiffure each every so often ought to be okay, however you rethink doing it usually. If you’re constantly pulling your hair tight, these follicles won’t recuperate and also you may begin noticing indicators of alopecia.¬†