The Lovable Nicknames Courteney Cox And Jennifer Aniston Have For Every Different

In a heartfelt birthday tribute to Courteney Cox on her 59th birthday, Jennifer Aniston expressed love for her longtime good friend, stating, “For those who’ve been fortunate sufficient to know her, you understand how unimaginable she is,” affectionately signing the caption off with, “I like you, Cox-N-Hammer!” The origin of the lovely moniker stays unclear, leaving room for hypothesis. Maybe the star is savvy with a hammer round the home or nails every little thing she embarks upon?

In response, Cox reciprocated the love within the since-turned-off feedback, sharing her personal nickname for Aniston. Based on CNN, Cox wrote, “I like you, Jenny Louise.” This wasn’t the primary time Cox revealed this candy nickname, as she beforehand used it in an Instagram put up celebrating Aniston’s 52nd birthday. “Joyful Birthday, Jenny Louise! We have recognized one another so lengthy, I do not even bear in mind why I name you that,” Cox quipped below a few heartwarming pictures of them.

The true-life connection between the 2 “Mates” stars additionally consists of their third on-screen pal, Lisa Kudrow, who additionally has a set of her personal nicknames. Aniston lovingly refers to her as “Floosh,” as she disclosed in a birthday put up, whereas Cox affectionately referred to as Kudrow “Loot” below an Instagram carouselĀ of their smiling faces.