The Medical Situation Brooke Shields' Daughter Rowan Was Identified With At A Younger Age

Hip dysplasia, also referred to as Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) in infants, is outlined by the Worldwide Hip Dysplasia Institute as “a normal time period for childish hip instability, dislocation, or shallowness of the hip socket.” Whereas one in 10 newborns undergo from hip instability, about one in 100 require therapy for DDH.

In her ebook “Down Got here the Rain,” Brooke Shields talks about how her daughter Rowan was handled for DDH as a new child. “Rowan had been put in a leg and physique harness as a result of the balls on the tops of her thighbones weren’t becoming correctly into the hip sockets,” the mannequin writes. “Evidently, when ladies are pregnant, they secrete a hormone that makes their hips widen for childbirth. Typically infants, particularly ladies, react to this hormone in utero and are born with their hip sockets not fully shaped. Then the infant has to put on a harness to maintain the tops of the thighbones in place till the hip sockets develop correctly.”

In keeping with Individuals, Shields was at the very least in a position to lean on her medical crew for help. “Once you’re a brand new father or mother and you’ve got a baby that has any type of particular want you rely a lot not solely on the flexibility of your surgeon or your physician however the compassion,” Shields shared in an interview, including that she’d ring her physician at Youngsters’s Hospital Los Angeles when any points got here up.