The Vaseline Hack That'll Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Razors

Petroleum jelly is actually probably the most versatile well being and sweetness merchandise on the market, with many uncommon on a regular basis makes use of. This product helps your pores and skin retain moisture by sealing it with a water-protective barrier, which is nice for therapeutic minor cuts, relieving pores and skin irritation, and moisturizing the physique. In terms of razor care, Vaseline’s water-protective barrier can also be nice for stopping rust.

Due to its anti-corrosion properties, individuals have lengthy been utilizing this product to forestall injury to issues like metal instruments, automotive batteries, and different metallic objects. Equally, you should utilize Vaseline on the metallic blades of your razor to forestall water from inflicting rust. Nevertheless, it can be crucial that you just guarantee your razor is totally dry earlier than you coat it with Vaseline, as you don’t need the petroleum jelly to inadvertently lock moisture into your blades and make the rusting even worse.

For finest outcomes, you merely want to use a skinny layer of Vaseline to your fully dry razor in between makes use of. Watch out to not reduce your self whereas making use of the product, both dabbing it on or utilizing one thing like a material or towel.